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Our Mission

Give everyone the power to access their data and control their privacy

Our Beginnings

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In 2021, Atlas was founded with the belief that people should have control over who has their personal information.

Matt, having worked several years in the antivirus industry, saw that internet safety was increasingly about protecting data privacy. With this in mind, he collaborated with the team to start Atlas with the goal of building the world’s most comprehensive privacy protection company.

The team started by providing data removal services for celebrities, law enforcement officers, and public figures — all by hand. Then in May of 2021, Atlas was accepted into YCombinator, Silicon Valley’s premier startup incubator that also helped to accelerate Airbnb, Dropbox, and Stripe.

In October 2021, Atlas began offering privacy services to the public, and since then has helped thousands of people protect their personal data online.

Who We Are

Our team brings together experience in cybersecurity, antivirus, and consumer technology. We're building the most comprehensive privacy solution to protect against data brokers and technology companies who exploit privacy for profit. 

Who We Aren't

There are plenty of bad actors who promise to help with data privacy, only to exploit people further. As a privacy-first company, we’re not associated with data broker websites and we will never sell your data. 

Our Values

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No hidden monetization, sneaky terms of service, or malicious data collection.

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People First

We believe that long-term trust only comes when you put people first.

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Personal Freedom

We believe people have the right to choose who has their information and who does not.

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Safety & Security

We believe in adhering to the strictest security protocols possible.

Founding Team

Atlas is built and run by a team of dedicated privacy enthusiasts.

Matt Adkisson

Ceo & co-founder

Arnaud de Saint Méloir

Software Engineer

Mirek Ratman

Software Engineer

Matt Adkisson


Matt is an entrepreneur and software architect with decades of experience in the cybersecurity industry. Prior to founding Atlas, Matt co-founded Secure Browser (acquired by Avast in 2017) and Bright (acquired by LinkedIn in 2014). He majored in Mathematics at MIT and attended the special studies program at the Naval War College in Newport, RI.

Chris Young


Prior to founding Atlas, Chris served as the technical lead on Tinder's revenue team. During his tenure, Tinder’s revenue grew from ~$50M/yr to over $1.2B, with over 10 million paying subscribers. Chris started his coding journey at the age of 13 and has contributed to over a dozen open-source projects, including node.js, joi, jasmine, node-postgres, and node-rdkafka.

Jon Rhome


Prior to founding Atlas, Jon was a product leader in Amazon’s devices organization. He worked on developing streaming technology to circumvent Apple and Google’s app store duopoly. Before Amazon, Jon served a multitude of roles at Tinder, including data science, analytics, and product management.

Maxwell Newbould


Max is a privacy enthusiast and cybersecurity veteran. Prior to Atlas, Max worked at the Department of Defense with Rebellion Defense as its sole principal engineer. As a serial entrepreneur, he co-founded SourcePoint, one of the largest providers of privacy compliance software for GDPR and CCPA. Max also founded and sold Autonomic.ai, an automotive diagnostic platform bought by Ford. 

Cameron Ward


Sports enthusiast, podcast appreciator, and french toast fiend. Prior to Atlas, Cameron helped lead Tinder’s core experience redesign which included the total reconstruction of the apps navigation. He designed his first mobile application (a golf app) 6 years ago, during his time touring the U.S. as a professional golfer.

Arnaud de Saint Méloir


Passionate about privacy, Arnaud began gathering dark web data in 2016 and has now amassed one of the largest collections of data breaches. Arnaud’s project went viral in 2021 when he was the first to document Facebook's latest data breach. He still monitors the black market to protect Atlas customers from stolen credentials.

Mirek Ratman


Mirek is a 24-year veteran of the software industry. Before Atlas, Mirek spent 8 years growing the antivirus industry as a developer, team lead, and software architect for Avast/AVG/Norton. His team was responsible for core development of services for Avast.com, AVG.com, HideMyAss.com — products used by a total of 450M people a month. Prior to his work in antivirus, Mirek helped build eSky.com, one of the largest tourism websites in Europe with $600M in annual revenue.

Jawaun Hunter


Prior to Atlas, Jawuan worked in aerospace manufacturing for one of the United States’ largest defense contractors. He acts as the front line for our privacy systems, managing the integration between Atlas’s manual and automated systems.

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