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Privacy for Companies

Atlas secures businesses by keeping employee information private

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Good For Employees
Good For Business

Strengthen your team’s physical and cybersecurity posture by removing personally identifiable information from data brokers

Reduce Physical Threats

Without Atlas, stalkers or unhappy customers can easily find employees’ home addresses, phone numbers and family members

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Curb Social Engineering

Make it difficult for hackers to use public information to pose as employees when conducting phishing attacks

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Less Employee Churn

Recruiters are constantly messaging your team. Privacy means employees can control who reaches out to them, saving time and focus

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Protect Your Employees

Put an end to unwanted outreach

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Of high-value employees like software engineers report that recruiters send them at least one email a week. - Blind survey (2022)


Of LinkedIn profiles can be used in conjunction with a data broker to allow salespeople to find employee emails. - RocketReach (2021)


Of US companies will be hit with a phishing attack this year. They use public data to spoof the identities of employees. - Barracuda (2022)

Secure your company’s defenses

Privacy is the missing piece to the best cybersecurity practices

System Hardening

IP allow lists
Credential management

Online Privacy

Removal from +150 data brokers
Dark web monitoring
Continuous scanning

Team Training

Anti-phishing simulations
System-wide audits
Incident response plans

What Atlas Delivers:

Atlas is a fully automated solution to protect employees from data brokers and people search websites. Each member receives their own dashboard, letting them view all the sites exposing their information, and any breached passwords or compromised accounts. Atlas handles the process continuously of routing out data broker records, and sends alerts personal is ever repopulated.

Full privacy scan across 150+ websites
Completely automated removal process
Protect up to 4 additional family members
Identity monitoring on the dark web
Custom opt-out requests
Dedicated customer support for enterprises

How We Protect Your Organization

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Best in Class Privacy Scans

Atlas goes deeper than any other privacy service. We scan over 150 websites to find privacy threats far and wide.  

Automatic Removals

Atlas can trigger removal requests for any personal information as soon as it’s found. We even follow-up and track compliance for each site.

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Custom Privacy Dashboard

Each team member receives their own privacy dashboard where they can see their threats, track takedown progress, view password breaches, and submit custom removal requests.

Privacy Concierge

Your team gets access to top-tier customer support who provide privacy recommendations, best practices, and quick answers to questions.

Interested In Privacy Protection for Your Company?

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